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Vintage Weddings: How to Create a Wedding Bouquet Brooch

Brides who want to make their weddings more unique with a vintage twist to it might want consider incorporating a vintage wedding brooch bouquet to their wedding look. For those who would like to adhere to the adage of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, this is a great way to execute that. Vintage wedding brooch bouquets can be the most beautiful, hand-crafted things and can even be family heirlooms which can be passed on to daughters, granddaughters, and the like.


The great thing about wedding brooch bouquets is that these things just stay alive for years and years, unlike fresh flowers that might look wilted and old late in the ceremony. Of course, when it comes to the bouquet toss, it can break and the bride might want to just toss a fresh bouquet to the crowd.

There are no rules when it comes to creating your wedding brooch bouquet and wherever your imagination and creative genius takes you is where you need to go. Get your ideas flowing and start with a little treasure hunting and your brooch bouquet can be the best piece of accessory on your wedding day. You can get started on this hunt for brooch materials by going through your own jewelry box and also asking for some contributions from family and friends, like pieces they would like to give you as a gift. You can fill your brooch bouquet with various ornaments and accessories that people might have given to you as gifts over the years in order to create a great statement piece. While you are on your treasure hunt, you will certainly have a lot of fun with all the memories that you will unfurl as you go through all of these items.

Maintaining a color scheme for your wedding brooch bouquet is also an important thing that ties everything together. You are the bride and any color scheme you want can be applied, whether you want to go with a classic, monochrome look or create a bouquet that is colorful and fun. Whatever color scheme ties in with the memories found in your bouquet can be followed on your special day.

Just as important as color is the texture to be found in your bouquet. For your bouquet, you might want to use glittery and sparkly gems and rhinestones, or purely enamel pieces, or combining both. A decent sized bouquet will contain around 50 to 85 pieces, depending on the size of the ornaments that you put in it.

Don’t be surprised if you see more and more brides making use of brooch bouquets in their weddings – a trend that is really gaining popularity.