Top Reasons Why Men Pull Away from a Relationship & What to Do About It

Relationships are absolutely beautiful. Fewer things are as irresistible as falling in love with the man of your dreams and subsequently building a strong relationship with him. Your life seems to be on a perfect path, most of your dreams are fast coming true and you can’t ask for more; then suddenly out of the blue, your man pulls away, leaving you hopeless and devastated. Break ups are always painful, but this is not one of them. Your man just left without any justification of doing so. After spending a significant amount of time to yourself, you start wondering why men pull away. So, what really happens? Why do they walk away from a seemingly healthy relationship or marriage? This article seeks to answer such questions while establishing the top reason why men do this to their ladies.


Fresh Out of Love

Love is the common feeling between people in a relationship. Unlike women who are able to hold on to love even when times seem so bleak, men are widely known to let go and walk away. After a long period of dating, it can be described as natural for the love that you once shared to hit the rocks. This happens especially when you are not doing everything that ought to be done in order to protect both the love you share and your relationship. Falling out of love is one of the top reasons why men pull away.

Feeling Disrespected

Show a man any sign of disrespect and he no doubt walk away from you. Respect is a key pillar in any relationship and doing the exact opposite to him is a real recipe for his departure. You should not disrespect your man under any circumstance. Always try to reach an amicable solution whenever things fall out of hand instead of saying anything at him that me be a sign of disrespect for he will surely pull away from you and probably head right into another woman who can fully respect him.



This point is quite straightforward. There is nothing that hurts a man’s ego while cheating on him. It is totally unacceptable to him and the next thing he would do is to walk away and leave you with you philandering ways. Men love women who are faithful to them; women who show complete submission and satisfaction. It is important to communicate freely with your partner. If your needs are not being taken care of, talk to him rather than going ahead to cheat. However secretly you go about your promiscuity, he will learn of it in one way or another and pull away from you.

Lack of Commitment

At times men are difficult to understand. You may think that he is totally committed to your while he is not actually interested in what your love. It is widely believed that a man would rather walk away silently rather than say it on your face. Having not committed himself into your relationship, he will easily pull away from as his wandering feelings take control of his thinking!